Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Felt Flower Brooch

i made this lovely felt brooch for a customer.

simple aje nak buat,suka bila tengok ianya menjadi :)

this cute nursing cover name is Queen of Hearts, the red reminds me of the queen in alice in wonderland :)

want exactly like this? head over to KedaiChomel

its been a busy day for me..toddles!


Huddy said...

Lawa.. Ada more pics in different angles x? Nak tgk betul2.. :)

SurayaHarris said...

Erni:selain strap EOS tu, aku jg nak brooch ni..stail siot..buatkan byk2 kaler.aku nak semua warna.12 warna luna.biar aku start jd lain sket dr cikgu2 lain yang byk bling2 di tudungs..can tak?