Tuesday, June 7, 2011

felt planner cover

its been long i didnt post anything in here,it doesnt mean i didnt sew anything..heee

so yesterday i was looking at my planner,the cover was so ugly..

so yeah..i wip something new something easy something felt :)

it was a pretty simple project

i just trace the old planner cover,cut the felt with pinking shears,give it some decorative sewing and buttons,voila!

if u guys want the tutorial,just give me a comment ok :)

happy crafting!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toddler Backpack

i purchase a toddler backpack pattern by Rae

at first i was intimidated by the pattern,all this piping and zipper and all

i said "ohh boy,this gonna be a long day!" but because of Ziyyad i managed to finish it yesterday!

hoorahh! Rae did say to use medium wight cotton,as i dont have any,i have to made some changes. i lined my fabric with interfacing.a very thick one that is. To make the bag more rigid.but it turn out so rigid,but ok-lah..hahahah

from the pattern,i adjust the height of the bag,adding 3 inches,so it still can fit on Ziyyad as he is growing up ;)

the proud owner :)

see,the bag its a bit taller,it can fit his story books inside

everytime i wanna fly somewhere,i always want to sew somerhing,i just don't know why

next i will be making a new hat,from the same fabric for him :)

have a great weekend everybody ;)

p/s: i was on a verge of tears,as i was attaching the piping to the bag,Ziyyad came in to the sewing room and i asked hom "mama nak nanges la boleh ta?" and he said back"tak boleh sayangku" so i continue sewing and finish it for him :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

i love making fabric flowers

the fabric flower,not the felt flower, the felt flower u need to be precise,kena kemas,tapi with scrap fabric flower u cant go wrong with em..saya suka bila menjahit tiada rule. Tak bebankepala otak kalau tersilap buat. Yeah,i usually tersilap sana sini,in the end kena tetas and redo,tak suka!tak suka! orang kata orang yg menjahit ni sabar,tapi nampaknya tidak apply pada saya lah. LOL

Bulk orders tanpa bunga,because she want to adorn it with crochet flowers :) bagus idea tu,i wish i do some crocheting/knitting some day..azam 2011 mungkinkah? For bulk orders,ada harga istimewa tau.sape nak email aje saya

erni.fadzila.saharudin at gmail dot com

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Terima kasih Misa

Thank you misa for the lovely coin purse. i love the blue,green and choclate combination. cantik!