Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toddler Backpack

i purchase a toddler backpack pattern by Rae

at first i was intimidated by the pattern,all this piping and zipper and all

i said "ohh boy,this gonna be a long day!" but because of Ziyyad i managed to finish it yesterday!

hoorahh! Rae did say to use medium wight cotton,as i dont have any,i have to made some changes. i lined my fabric with interfacing.a very thick one that is. To make the bag more rigid.but it turn out so rigid,but ok-lah..hahahah

from the pattern,i adjust the height of the bag,adding 3 inches,so it still can fit on Ziyyad as he is growing up ;)

the proud owner :)

see,the bag its a bit taller,it can fit his story books inside

everytime i wanna fly somewhere,i always want to sew somerhing,i just don't know why

next i will be making a new hat,from the same fabric for him :)

have a great weekend everybody ;)

p/s: i was on a verge of tears,as i was attaching the piping to the bag,Ziyyad came in to the sewing room and i asked hom "mama nak nanges la boleh ta?" and he said back"tak boleh sayangku" so i continue sewing and finish it for him :)


rumiza.rashid said...

ziyyad is so cute!mesti dia sangat bangga dapat pakai barang yang mak dia buat sndr.i wish i could have the same hand as u!

Mila@Rimbun said...

comel ler ziyyad nii..
seronok ler tuh dapat beg baru yerr