Thursday, July 15, 2010

A bucket hat for my son

i sew a hat for Ziyyad,it is not easy to sew a perfect circle,but on the second attempt i manage to sew nearly perfect circle :P

u can see here,all crooked line,i love the fabric which remind me of burberry (the perfume brand...)

on the reverse side i use another fabric,which i mane to sew nearly perfect circle

see..i told you i perfected the technique, i need a lot of practice... :)

the hat fit Ziyyad nicely,not to large not to small.

oh, i did sew a fabric belt for Ziyyad too,the short pants a bit 30 minutes i manage to finish it up :)

i use medium weight fabric,i dont use any interfacing,as the fabric is already stiff when u fold it half, i used a pair D-rings which i have a lot of it from making nursing covers.

oh,the fabric are from Ikea by the way.

p/s: how do u guys sew a perfect circle? im sewing really slow when it comes to sew curves


TiniHani said...

alaahaiii comelnya.. nnt ambil la pic ziyyad dgn topi ni ya...

Anasfadilah said...

will do :),thanks utk compliment :D

Ayu said...

wow..great idea...reversible hat.. boleh pilih nak pakai which side. Anak2 I dh besag..semua dh tak nak pakai topi camni lg dah.

yumyum said...

pin every corner! that should do it :) said...

wow cantik... D ring tu beli kat mana ye?