Monday, September 27, 2010

pot holder and some embelishment

ive been neglecting this crafting blog of mine...

lately jarang nak mejahit untuk diri sendiri,mungkin sebab tak de masa,atau busy ataupun mungkin kurang motivasi (read:malas..hahah)

i put some stickers to embelish my sewing machine,hopefully ada semangat nak jahit lebih banyak..hehe

ok now the pot holder, husband bought me a la gourmet sauce pan,the thing is,the pan is stainless stell,all the way to the handle

so it get hot quiet easily.

so i made this.

it is a pretty simple project,it only takes an hour or so ( i must do the bias tape more slowly and i believe i can do better than that...bias tape gaya cepatlah-siap-tak-sabar-tengok-hasil)

a month ago i bought this sew-it kit by amy butler,what caught me at the first place is the box..and i saw Amy butler's name on it,terus ambil dan bayar without second thought! ahaha ( i do judge every book cover that i want to buy,like seriously...first impression counts!hahaha)

i love the box :)

the pot holder kit,well Amy's pot holder are much better i must say,but well,will do another one at a slower pace.

dalam kit tu ada 14 sewing pattern,spool of thread,2 fat-Q i guess it from Amy Butler's collection,but the fabric is quiet stiff and dare me to say it is ugly...nothing like Amy Butler.

p/s: i bought it at Borders, all the pictures were taken using my camera phone :)


a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

kalau mesin jahit dah berbunga cenggitu kalau malaih juga tak tau laaa ... hahaha


padahal saya juga malaih ...

Anasfadilah said...

dengan harapan tak malaih,tapi tulah...