Friday, January 15, 2010

*Chomel Nursing Clip n Chomel Paci Clip*

this is Chomel Nursing Clip, clip it with ur child favourite blankie or ur favaourite shawl or pashminas,and u are ready to go

im using Ziyyad's little monkey blanket, i bought this before Ziyyad was born,

im using suspender clips,it has rubber teeth so it wont rip ur scarf or blanket, but it stay strong like nobody business :)

Chomel Paci Clip, created using beautiful grossrain ribbon and snap clip to secure ur baby pacifier,no more dirty pacifier lying on the floor!

using the same suspender clip, with plastic teeth so it doesn't tear ur child clothing :)

ten gross grain ribbon for u to choose from

want some for urself or for a gift

want to know the price?

head over to KedaiChomel tomorrow, more pattern for Chomel Nursing Clip coming tomorrow!

p/s::this what im dying to tell you.card reader akhirnya bekerjasama.


Ms. TaroAthirah said...

nais one! i like the idea. pictures juga sudah ho liao! hak hak. gudlak kakak on your biz.

ps: makan properity burger banyak2! kasik cepat kaya $$$$. (ini karut. jangan percaya. kang syirik. lol)

Hanz said...

huhu, memang chomel!!

precious innocent said...

insya allah akak akak review this 1.. hehehe

-mama emma®-